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Silicon Baking Mat & Rolling Mat Products
Do you need a baking mat for kneading dough, rolling out pastry and other baking tasks? At Hot Stuff Bakeware, we offer silicon baking mat and silicone baking sheet products that are perfect for a range of different recipes and cooking environments. Made from durable and flexible materials, our baking mats are suitable for various baking applications. Whether you want to roll out pastry or you need to bake cookies, a silicon baking mat can meet your needs.
Find the Perfect Silicon Baking Mat for Your Needs
Our silicon baking sheet and rolling mat products are available in multiple sizes for you to choose from, making them ideal for both domestic and commercial requirements. They also boast various features, including non-stick surfaces for easy cleaning and temperature tolerances from as low as -40° Celsius up to as high as 280° Celsius. You won’t have to worry about your foods getting stuck to the mat and breaking apart as you attempt to transfer them to another surface, ensuring great results.

Additionally, our silicon baking mat options can be used in the freezer, oven and microwave as well as on the counter and various other surfaces. Our silicon baking and rolling mats are guaranteed to provide years of use without deteriorating. This longevity makes them a great choice for commercial environments, in which they’re expected to be used on a regular basis for the foreseeable future. You’re sure to be impressed and satisfied with how our mats can enhance the results of your baking.
Other Tools & Equipment We Stock
In addition to silicon baking mats, we proudly stock the following baking tools and equipment:

-> Air brushes and compressors
-> Decorator tools
-> Measurement tools
-> Mixing and dispensing units
-> Piping tips and pastry bags
-> Rolling pins
-> Spatulas, scrapers, cutters and knives

We’re confident that you’ll find everything you need within our range. If you’re unsure what you need, speak to us about what you’re trying to do and we can recommend a suitable solution.
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