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Choose from Huge Selection of Flavoured Powder

Are you looking for edibles? We have a vast selection of edible ingredients, including cake mix, sugar powder, icing mixture, flavoured powder, and much more. If you're a professional cake developer, you can buy a lot of edible stuff at Hot Stuff Bakeware. We provide the best-quality edible products so that you get the desired results without any disappointment.

Buy Natural Additives and Icing Mix Products

We have offered a lot of natural additives to choose from. There's also plenty of icing mix in various colours. You can choose either gold, silver, or rose gold royal icing mix; furthermore, icing sugar mixture; titanium white powder; cocoa powder; and much more. Whatever you need to prepare a perfect blend, you can easily find it at Hot Stuff Bakeware.

Make Hard Candies with Isomalt Crystals

Isomalt crystal or nibs are used to make hard candies or crystal shapes for a decorative cake. You can also sprinkle small pieces of hard candy in the cupcakes to make them more attractive, sweeter, and more delicious. We offer Cakeplay isomalt nibs in various colours and flavors, so you don't need to look further. No matter how serious a cake developer you are, we have a lot of stuff for your passion.

Best Edible Brands only on Hot Stuff Bakeware

Whether it's cake mix, icing, sugar powder, crystals, flavouring power, natural additives, or anything else to make a tasty as well as creative cake, we never deal only in high-quality, trustworthy products. In this regard, we offer brands like Bakels, Cake Play, Over the Top, Sugar Crafty, and many more. We know that established brands provide quality material made with superior quality ingredients and with the utmost hygiene.

Contact us to learn more!

Hot Stuff Bakeware is available to answer your queries. Please send us an email at info@hotstuffbakeware.com.au including your order number (if any). Otherwise, you can call us without any hassle at 03 8360 3460.


What varieties of flavoured powder do you offer?

Well, we are offering here a huge selection of flavoured powder including black cocoa powder and dusting cocoa powder. Whether you want to make a chocolate cake or a dark chocolate confection, we have a solution for you. You can also check out other products, such as cocoa butter, acti-white, icing sugar mixture, titanium white powder, and so on, to make cakes quicker and tasteful.

What types of natural additives can be bought here?

Natural additives are basically chemical compounds extracted from plants or minerals. These are used to prevent foods from oxidising, stop fats from clotting together, add colour, and keep top ingredients from becoming lumpy. We offer various types of organic additives here so that you can get help accordingly. Whether you're a professional baker or a beginner, you'll not regret using the additives offered here.

How to use Cakeplay isomalt nibs?

Isomalts are the sugar pieces that are shaped in a particular way. When it comes to adding some edibles to crystallised figures like tree leaves, flowers, splashing water, etc., you can use them without thinking much. You only need to put a few nibs in the bowl and melt them by heating them in the oven. Now, using the melted ingredient, you can make new shapes with the help of silicone moulds.

What locations do you ship natural additives and flavoured powder?

We provide delivery for all products across Australia and worldwide. We ship every order within 48 hours (working days) of getting your order. Our packaging is so robust that you get your product in intact condition. We only use reputable courier companies to deliver your product quickly and safely. Couriers Please, Fastway, and Australia Post are our primary courier partners to deliver your consignment to even postal code addresses.

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