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Buy Superior Quality Edible Lustre Dust

However, it's a tasteless powder that doesn't affect the flavour of the ingredient, but it also doesn't disturb the quality. The lustre dust that we're offering is edible and FDA-approved, so there are no health risks at all. We never compromise with the product quality at Hot Stuff Bakeware and believe in dealing with only trusted brands.

Sprinks Dusts in A Range of Colour Shades

Artists love to experiment with new colours. We have offered a range Sprinks dusts colour packs. Gold, silver, and rose gold are the most popular colours, so we're offering these in a little larger packs. There are so many shades of yellow, red, pink, blue, green, and other colours to choose from.

Use Sprinks Dusts to Create Appealing Designs

Sprinks dusts help you get the hue you choose, just as moulds help you achieve the desired form. Whether you are decorating a cake, cupcakes, chocolate bits, or any other kind of confection, you can simply get the desired tone. Consequently, you have the liberty to broaden your creativity. The colours are entirely edible and may be used with modelling paste, royal icing, cocoa butter, and many other substances.

Lustre Dust to Create the Most Captivating Candies

When it comes to adding colour to melted sugar or chocolate paste, just a few drops are required. You can manufacture cake decorations, sugar sweets, and beautiful chocolates, among other things. These hues will provide gleaming, glittering outcomes that are much more stunning. Check out our selection of Sprinks dusts and make your selection based on your requirements.

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We are here to help you with your confectionery products and our service concerns. Please phone us at 03 8360 3460 or send us an email at info@hotstuffbakeware.com.au.


What is lustre dust? How is it manufactured?

Lustre dust is a flavourless powder used for decorating cakes and other sweets. It is composed of a combination of carbon dioxide, iron dioxide, carmine, and mica. Since it is totally edible and digestible, utilising it with food poses no risk. At Hot Stuff Bakeware, we provide paint solutions from reliable manufacturers. You can effortlessly create a variety of cakes, sugar candies, sugar crafts, and much more.

How to use Sprinks dusts on confections?

You may choose to either blend these powder colours with alcoholic extracts or brush them on dry as a dust. To get a softer hue of the original colour, just add a very tiny amount of lustre dust to the paste or fondant. The colour should only be applied to finished items (the surface that must be painted in the end). Mixing sprinkle dusts with modelling paste, cream icing, royal icing, alcohol, cocoa butter, fondant, etc. is straightforward.

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Can you give a replacement Sprinks dusts?

However, our regular clients are never dissatisfied with the quality of our goods and services, although they occasionally return items for cancellation or replacement. You need merely contact us at the mentioned numbers about the inconvenience. We accept returns within seven days of the date of the original purchase.

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