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Modelling Chocolate

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Modelling Chocolate to Decorate Cakes & Pastries

When it comes to decorating cakes and pastries with chocolate paste, modelling chocolate is unbeatable. Hot Stuff Bakeware is offering 1 kg of fresh buckets of modelling chocolate so that you can use it while making confectionery items. These buckets offer great-quality chocolate, which is excellent for getting amazing results. Whether you want complex designs or manual dripping, you can make them with ease.

White Chocolate Modelling to Make Intricate Flowers

Since fondant and butter cream frosting can't be used to make intricate flowers or other shapes on cakes and pastries, the only way that remains is dark or white chocolate modelling. If you're a dedicated baker, you're aware of the softness and richness that these products offer. Vizyon chococoat is one of the most popular chocolate pastes used by top confectionery businesses.

Superior Quality Dark Chocolate Modelling

If you're looking for a chocolate solution that remains fresh, flexible, and moist for a very long period of time, you should look no further. Dark chocolate modelling by Vizyon is one of the excellent budget products that are acquired by many leading bakery businesses. Since we've been serving the baking essentials and cake decoration industries for years, you can trust the brands we're offering here.

Buy Modelling Chocolate Paste within Budget

Hot Stuff Bakeware strives to provide top quality products to its customers so that they don't feel duped. Our aim is to offer only supreme-quality products to help them achieve their desired outcomes every time. We're providing modelling chocolate here at a very competitive price. We promise that you'll not be disappointed with our products and services, or else we won't offer a return policy.

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What is modelling chocolate and what are the usages?

The modelling chocolate is made of couverture chocolate, which is considered one of the superior quality chocolates. You get the best finish, smoothness, and mouthwatering taste when you bake many different desserts. When it comes to decorating cakes and pastries, you can use this by moulding it into various shapes that can't be made with fondant or butter cream frosting. You can also make intricate designs on cake tops since it can remain fresh for a long time.

What is the difference between white and dark chocolate modelling?

They both are completely different because of the composition of the ingredients. The dark chocolate modelling contains a large quantity of cocoa powder, whereas in the white one there's no cocoa powder at all. Manufacturers mix the main three ingredients, which are sugar, cocoa butter, and milk, to produce white chocolate modelling. The dark chocolate has no sugar or milk, only cocoa solids.

What payment methods do you accept to buy white chocolate modelling?

You can pay using any reputable credit card, including American Express, Visa, MasterCard, etc. Moreover, you can choose flexible payment options such as Afterpay and ZipPay. Through these easy payment modes, you can get the freedom to pay next month or in easy as well as interest-free instalments.

Can I return modelling chocolate if I do not like it?

Yes, you can return the modelling chocolate to its origin if you're unhappy with the description. Make sure that you didn't open the bucket as refund or replacement will not be initiated if you return a used or tested product. You must return the goods within 7 days of the order date. For more information on cancellation, please see our return policy or call us at 03 8360 3460.

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