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Embosser And Cutter Set

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The Embosser and Cutter Set You Must Have

No matter if you're an individual confectionery expert or a local business, every embosser and cutter set in our collection is unique and a must-have in your kitchen. The Little Biskut sets are great for giving various shapes to the cookie dough as well as the fondant. These allow you to make the most attractive cookies for bakery shops or birthday and wedding events.

Extended Range of Embosser and Cutter Set

Our range of embosser and cutter set covers all special events and days. We have moulds to make best wishes cookie designs, whether you want to wish your mother or teacher. Our Little Biskut range will leave you speechless. We've most attractive designs to make awesome cookies. One delicious and unique cookie can brighten someone's day.

Finest Quality Embosser and Cutter Set for Excellent Shapes

At Hot Stuff Bakeware, we deal only in high-quality plastic cookie moulds. Every embosser and cutter set in our line is built to last and provide the finest shapes. You can use them for years without any complaints if you use them with care. Please read the usage guidelines given in the FAQs to learn more about use and maintenance. Moreover, you can easily make cookies without any help or assistance.

Buy Easy to Keep Embosser and Cutter Set

The embosser, debosser, and cutters we've offered here are very easy to use. You need to roll the fondant softly and use moulds and cutters to give them the desired shapes. You can make colourful, tasty, and attractive cookies without much effort. We provide delivery not only Australia-wide but also in other countries. You can also order in bulk using the easy instalments option.

Order Today in Bulk. Call Now for Assistance

Add your favourite cookie embossers to the cart and order now in bulk. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 03 8360 3460 or info@hotstuffbakeware.com.au.


What is the approximate size of little embossers?

Each embosser and cutter set offered here is differently sized. However, there's no major difference; they are perfectly curved as per their designs. You can check the product description for exact size information. Otherwise, they are all 2-4 inches tall and 1-3 inches wide. Overall, they're developed to enable you to make small cookies and confectionery.

Do you sell the Little Biskutembosser and cutter set?

Yes, we offer here a Little Biskutembosser and cutter set in various designs. The pack typically includes a cookie dough cutter, a fondant cutter, and a fondant stamp. You can easily make regular-size cookies with colourful fondant in different designs and shapes. This is an excellent way to make attractive and different cookies within minutes. You can use these sets for birthdays, festivals, and other special occasions.

How to keep them for longer usage?

When you done using them, wash them with hands. Using the dishwasher is not recommended as it can damage the embosser and cutter set. You should use lukewarm soapy water to remove fondant particles and keep them hygienic. Store them in a cool, dry place in your kitchen. These are not for baking purposes. You should keep them away from ovens and heated cookware.

How fast do you deliver orders?

Delaying orders is not our style. We make every effort to ship as soon as possible. Orders placed from within Australia or from another country may take up to 48 hours (working days) to be shipped. We send our products in robust quality packaging to ensure safe and intact delivery. Moreover, only reputable logistic services are utilized, and tracking details are shared when orders are shipped.

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