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Cookie Cutter by 'COO KIE': Aussie Bakers Favourite

If you're looking to create short and sweet cookies in various crazy shapes or want an attractive Christmas cookie cutter, consider the 'COO KIE' cookie cutter with closed eyes. Since this is one of the most commonly used cutters offered by an Australian manufacturer, you don't need to go further. Hot Stuff Bakeware is well-established and has been serving the industry for years. You can trust our products, services, and offers.

'COO KIE' Cookie Cutters: Most Recommended Tools

Round, square, and rectangle cookies are past; now Aussies want differently shaped cookies. 'COO KIE' mini cookie cutters are the perfect solution to their demand. There is a vast range of shapes in very affordable rates. The build quality of these moulds and cutters is unbeatable. This is the secret of a successful cookie business; you should grab them to boost the sales of your bakery business.

A-Class Grade Moulds & Cutters on Wholesale Prices

Not only businesses, but even if you're a home baker or mother, these can help surprise your kids. Hot Stuff Bakeware is full of brilliant accessories that were made to support Australian bakers. With a small investment, you can take your business or hobby to the next level. If you literally want to be a professional cake and confectionery expert, we've got a lot of useful and affordable essentials for you.

Grab Amazing Offers on Cake Moulds & Cutters

Since it's a dedicated online wholesale store for cake decorating supplies and baking essentials, we provide everything at competitive prices. Whether you're a beginner or an established confectionery store, you can buy bakeware, decorating tools, display essentials, packaging supplies, moulds, cutters, and much more on flexible payment offers.

Celebrate Xmas with Christmas Cookie Cutters

Get into the festive spirit with 'COO KIE' Christmas cookie cutters featuring charming closed eyes. Perfect for creating short and sweet cookies in various crazy holiday shapes, these cutters are a must-have for Aussie bakers. Trust in Hot Stuff Bakeware's well-established reputation for quality products, exceptional services, and festive offers. Elevate your Christmas baking with the best from Hot Stuff Bakeware!

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What are the dimensions of 'COO KIE' cookie cutters?

COO KIE' cookie cutters are manufactured similarly and in almost the same sizes. The few millimetres’ difference can make a huge difference in the number of cookies. Every cookie cutter is differently sized. The depth of each article, however, is fixed at 15 mm. Buyers can check their length in the description given on the same product page. Most of the cookie cutters are sized between 3 and 4 inches.

How to use 'COO KIE' cookie cutters?

If you're a professional cake artist, you can use COO KIE' cookie cutters without any instruction. Moreover, trainees and beginners can also learn to use them within minutes. Whatever the material, whether its cookie dough, fondant, bread, or something else prepared for baking, you only need to put the cutter on it and push with good pressure. Please ensure that the edges have completely cut the dough before pulling it up.

Can I buy in large quantities for my local business?

If you want to buy 'COO KIE' cookie cutters in bulk for your company, create a business profile on Hot Stuff Bakeware. Buyers need to register themselves as business users and then shop in large quantities. Apart from this, a normal user can also buy as many as they want. We also offer ZipPay Pay Later, and Afterpay so that you can shop on credit.

Do you ship Australia-wide?

When it comes to the distribution of 'COO KIE' cookie cutters, we are able to reach every region of Australia. We also accept international orders. COO KIE is a proudly Australian brand, and we are pleased to offer it on Hot Stuff Bakeware. Couriers Please, Fastway, and Australia Post are among the logistical companies we use to despatch goods. We utilise packing materials of the highest quality to assure the safety of delivery.

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